Spiritual Healing in the Heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley – Meet Reiki Master Tati Rabell

Reiki, by definition, is a healing technique by which a therapist channels energy into a patient by means of touch. This activates the natural healing processes of the patient’s body. The intention is to restore emotional and physical wellbeing, spiritual healing. Some might argue that music has the ability to perform the same function without actual physical contact. I am fortunate enough to know someone who is both a healer and a musician. I met Tati Rabell many moons ago. A lovely woman, she was kind enough to take the time out of her schedule to answer some questions. The following is bound to both enlighten and make you adore her.

I despise identifying myself as one or a few specific things, labeling myself for lack of better terms. Therefore, I resist placing others in that same box. Tati defines the old adage, “you can be anything you wanna be.” In pursuit of fulfilling all that she wants to be, she relocated to Pisac, Peru from Los Angeles this past January.

I wanted to find a land with vast beautiful nature, with magical energy vortices, with lots of healers and magical people, and where I could afford to make a living doing only things that I loved,” she confidently proclaimed.

The closest she’d come to such wishes was Mt. Shasta located in Northern California. The cost of living was too high, however. She quickly fell in love with Peru and a man just as artistic and spiritual as she. Together, they run Kali Wasi, a healing center of shamans, healers, and Lightworkers in the heart of Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Tati and Tom, Business and Life Partners at Kali Wasi's Spiritual Healing Center in Peru
Tati and Tom, Business and Life Partners at Kali Wasi’s Spiritual Healing Center in Peru

Letting Go and Making Moves

Tati and I just missed each other. As I was returning from a transformational nine-day holiday in Peru, she was embarking on what would become a one-way journey. Her California shaman predicted this would be the case. She continues to write and pursue music, heavily influenced by the spiritual landscape that is El Valle Sagrado de Los Incas.

Years prior to her departure, she was reluctantly working a corporate job in the entertainment industry in effort of funding her own musical dreams. This way of life, unfortunately, resulted in her being too sick and too tired to fully pursue that dream. Her health increasingly became worse and she was unable to book shows. In turn, she had zero energy to promote or even rehearse for said shows. She knew a changed had to be enacted at this point.

This is when the healer in me woke up.

Ever since Tati was a child, she knew she was a Lightworker. Knowing she was put on this Earth to bring Light and Love but frustrated by the world’s realities, she demeaned her purpose by labeling herself an “idealist.” When she and I caught up recently regarding this blog post, I realized that reaching out to her wasn’t just about material for The Road Linds Travels. This was also about my own inner healer and my own personal journey. She and I met under the guise of a mutual passion for music. Today, she is encouraging and inspiring swaths of people, including myself, to manifest a life we so deeply desire.

Conscious Spiritual Experiences

I always believed we live in a magical world. As a child I knew I could affect things with my mind, such as change the behavior of fire or make the fan change its speed. Yet, as often happens, I ‘learned’ that all of these things were ‘made up’ and the only ‘real’ world was the material one,” Tati explained when asked to describe a memory of her earliest spiritual experience.

She continued to recall a dramatic event that took place in her early twenties.

I was dating a guy who was a little nuts…after things had gotten really ugly I finally decided to break it off. He didn’t take it very well. After a few times watching him get aggressive, I asked him to please be out of the house a specific day so I could come get my things. He agreed.

On the day of, when I had only been in the house for twenty minutes, I heard a loud voice from beyond say, ‘Go, Now.’ I looked around and asked, ‘Now? But I haven’t gotten my stuff.’ Then the voice screamed louder, ‘NOW!’ So, I grabbed whatever I could and ran out.

(It) turned out I was leaving the parking garage exactly at the same time as he was returning. (This) gave him exactly enough time to chase after my car and hit it, but not enough time to pass the gate behind me. My car got through by only an inch and then I was gone. From that point on, I knew for a fact that there was a lot happening on the ‘other side,’ and that, somehow, I could connect with it.”

Pain and Spiritual Healing

After being diagnosed with the common, complex chronic pain disorder, fibromyalgia, Tati met her first healer, a chiropractor. A couple of other powerful healers later, she decided to become one herself.

Tati Rabell spiritual healing a patient at Kali Wasi's first plant medicine retreat this past July 2017, Peru
Tati Rabell healing a patient at Kali Wasi’s first plant medicine retreat this past July 2017

I felt more like myself than I had since I was a child,” Tati declared of her newfound pursuit.

I asked her to describe her favorite part about living in Peru. She professed, “So hard to choose – The landscape, the towns, the air, the energy, the manifestation powers (truly be careful what you wish for…things usually materialize here within a day!)” Well noted, Tati. Take heed readers!

A Day in the Life

If you’re wondering what a typical day in the life of Tati Rabell consists of, she informs me that it begins with spiritual practice. Whether it is yoga, meditation, sound healing, or a plant medicine ceremony, she partakes in its profound therapeutic benefits. This is usually followed by some time spent making music of which I recommend you give a listen to here. Her latest song, “Flotando,” recorded and arranged in Cusco, Peru, is absolute fire.

A day in the life of Tati also involves spending some time on her computer planning the next Kali Wasi retreat or Reiki session. Or simply, “Watching Netflix…just like everybody else,” she sweetly admitted. When pressed on her viewing preferences, she stated independent films and Game of Thrones, as well as Gaia.com’s conscious documentaries. I don’t know about you but I intend on immersing myself in said documentaries.

Kali Wasi Spiritual Healing Retreats

With two retreats in the near future for Kali Wasi, meaning House of Kali, Tati shared a bit about the services offered by this South American based healing center.

Kali Wasi Temple, Spiritual Healing Center
Kali Wasi Temple, Spiritual Healing Center

Kali Wasi was exactly what both my partner and I had been dreaming of creating before we met. Soon after meeting we started talking about it – a healing center, a retreat center, healing classes, art classes, medicine ceremonies, sound healing, etc. – and we knew it was time to make it happen. We quickly created the site (him being a web designer). At first it mainly just outlined the services I was already offering in private – Soul Retrieval, Reiki, Reiki classes, Psychic Healing, Extractions etc. Yet, bit by bit, we started adding services as well as collaborators, and soon enough we were planning our first plant medicine retreat, which we just wrapped a few weeks ago in July…A beautiful success!”

“Be careful what you wish for…things usually materialize here within a day!”

I encourage you to visit https://kaliwasi.com/retreats for more information on Kali Wasi’s Reiki Master Training retreat in September or their nine-day Plant Medicine Retreat in November. There is a detailed day-to-day description on their website of the activities involved in each of these retreats. I’m considering participating in one myself in the near future!

Spiritual healing Peru could begin here at Kinsa Cocha lake
Kinsa Cocha Lake, one beautiful location of Kali Wasi’s Retreats

Dreams, Goals, and Spiritual Healing

As a certified Reiki Master practitioner and teacher, Tati’s accomplishments have smashed the proverbial glass ceiling. Yet, she continues to be goal oriented. Her future plans include beginning an online extension of her practice, teaching healing or offering other experiences.

Whatever may come!” She serendipitously added.

She wants to touch hearts and spread knowledge by continuing to create “magical experiences” and “transformational retreats” for clients, awakening our planet through healing work. I’m nowhere near Peru and my heart is touched! Musically, she still dreams of touring and playing festivals. She states, “Who knows, maybe this new album I’ve made in Peru will be my golden festival ticket.” If the rest of the album is anything like “Flotando,” she may well just be on her way to Coachella!

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