About The Road Linds Travels

Greg from Miami offered up a bit of advice as the Peru Rail train weaved its way through lush jungle amidst the Andean mountains en route to Machu Picchu. “Life yourself by yourself,” he instructed.

Life yourself by yourself.

That’s precisely what I was doing in late December of 2016. I tipped my Cusqueña cerveza in his direction in a cheers-ing manner. Ten minutes later the train swerved quickly around a corner and that beer crashed to the floor, ruining any chances of a desired morning buzz. But, such is life – sometimes we celebrate, intoxicated with delight and sometimes we crash and burn. But in all of life’s experiences, good and not so pleasant, there is something to learn, a piece we carry with us for eternity, and a piece of ourselves we leave behind.

The Road Linds Travels on the Train from Machu Picchu
Sicker than a dog but still managing to enjoy the spectacular views from Peru Rail’s Vistadome train

After the devastating loss of both of my parents, a tumultuous divorce, and a break up amongst many of life’s curveballs, I decided it was time to take control of the reigns again. I was no longer going to be dictated by what I’ve lost but by what I’ve been discovering about the world and myself. Welcome to The Road Linds Travels, a local and global adventure through food, wine, music, and lifestyle as told by an empathetic, passionate feminist.