Brenda’s Beignets – A San Francisco Treat

The beignets would have sufficed. Yet, there I was – shrimp and grits, a seafood frittata smothered in cheddar cheese, a homemade, mouthwatering biscuit, three, giant chocolate beignets, and continuously refilled coffee. It was a classic case of my eyes being bigger than my stomach. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone so the food was shared among three of us, but still! To-go boxes were definitely in order.

Outside the doors of Brenda’s French Soul Food at 652 Polk St in San Francisco may not look like much, but I recommend putting your name on the wait list. Oh, and getting there early doesn’t hurt. They open at 8am. This is one weekend brunch that will be well worth your wait.

The interior is crowded, but if you don’t mind the occasional elbow rub and discreet eavesdropping (it’s pretty loud in there anyway), then your attention will be toward the eclectic décor. From the multiple ceiling fans to the artsy, bright red lobster painted on the wall to my personal favorite, the wall of mirrors. There’s something for everyone’s eye.

Brenda's French Soul Food
Sunday morning at Brenda’s French Soul Food

The prices are pretty standard for a weekend brunch and the specials are listed up on a chalkboard as you enter. The service is on point – no fuss, take your order, make sure everything is to your liking, and tend to any refills, needs, etc. If you’re more into the overbearing, hovering type of service, this place isn’t for you.

Back to the beignets, though. If I were to hashtag, it would go something like this: #thosebeignetstho. We opted for your pretty straight forward, chocolate filled beignet. They have an extensive variety from the savory to the sweet. These babies came straight out of the oven – so hot the chocolate almost burned my tongue. I am not complaining. My point is that I was sad when my stomach said, “no more.”

I was sad when my stomach said, “no more.”

As a pescetarian, my options were plenty, which is always a plus in my book. Word to the wise, though – ask if your frittata and/or omelette comes with any other kind of meat aside from seafood if you are a pescetarian. Unfortunately, mine ended up having Andouille sausage in disguise under all that egg protein. My dining company enjoyed it, though! Brenda’s French Soul Food is a must for those seeking delicious, authentic soul food with a New Orleans vibe.

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