A Deserted Joshua Tree Cabin Dreams are Made of

After my delicious Caesar salad with grilled salmon at Pappy & Harriet’s, it was time to check in. The unpaved, rocky road leading to the Deserted Joshua Tree Cabin dreams are made of triggered my excitement. Anything unpaved had to lead to the sort of desertion I was craving!

This was my first experience with Glamping Hub. I’m an avid user of Airbnb but Glamping Hub appeared to have a larger inventory of what are known as “unique stays.” I was sold at the photo of a bright, red Adirondack chair next to a hot tub sunken into a deck and outdoor bistro set done up in brightly colored mosaic.

Hanging out in a hot tub at the deserted Joshua cabin of my dreams

We were greeted by an older, white-haired gentleman on a quad who then led us to our cabin. He and his wife showed us the ins and outs and gave us the rundown of their beautiful property. The kitchen was entirely outdoors while the toilet and shower were separated by doors, still technically outside. The sleeping quarters were housed in a hexagonal wooden structure. It had sliding glass doors, a large ceiling fan and a small air conditioning unit for when escaping the desert heat became a necessity.

Industrial Vibes

The entire cabin had an industrial vibe. Shelving was constructed of piping while the gigantic shower boasted a copper rain shower head with concrete flooring and a mesh metal door. Awaiting our arrival was a bottle of rosé, some breakfast biscuits, and yummy mints. The thoughtful touches in this gem of a cabin abound!

“Be sure to sign the guestbook before you leave,” the older, long-haired blonde, sun-kissed lady gestured toward a journal titled, “The Dreamweaver*” on the bedside table. What an appropriate nickname for this beautiful place, I thought. The couple bid their adieu after wishing us a wonderful stay. They lived within steps of the property but far enough away that The Dreamweaver felt like our very own, private dream for the next couple of days.

Lazy Days Dreams are Made of

Exhausted from the two-mile hike under the merciless sun, I was ready for that shower. When I described it as gigantic, I wasn’t kidding. Ten average sized human beings could fit into this shower easily but I had it all to myself!

Nightfall brought on a sky full of stars unburdened by light pollution and complimented by the full moon of July 5th. Gary Clark Jr. crooned from the outdoor Bluetooth speaker as we dipped our feet in the hot tub. Not a living being in sight aside from a dozen short tailed lizards, some jackrabbits, roadrunners and the very vocal cicadas. And let’s not forget the kangaroo rat! Lo and behold, they can jump hence the name “kangaroo!” As nocturnal animals, it was, no doubt, in search of our delicious grilled seafood dinner. The stench was probably still permeating from the grill.

Our plans to explore more of the area quickly dissolved into, “Let’s just stay here and be lazy and enjoy the desert.” And that’s exactly what we did for two, full days. We ate grilled pineapple, shrimp and peppers, played cards, listened to music and lounged in the hot tub. One afternoon, we even napped while Independence Day passed with barely a firework to be witnessed. The full moon in Capricorn (my sign) was the anticipated spectacle I was longing for.

Full Moon in Capricorn over the deserted Joshua Tree Cabin Dreams are made of

Sunrise in the Desert

We turned off the AC at bedtime. The temperature drops so comfortably in the desert after sunset. We opened the windows, enjoyed the sounds of nature, and slept peacefully in the cozy bed. One night, I heard a cat meowing and couldn’t imagine an average house cat wandering around those parts. My imagination immediately went to the mountain lions our hosts mentioned seeing on a regular basis when we arrived. We certainly weren’t in Los Angeles, er Kansas, anymore.

Both mornings, I opened my eyes to the most glorious sunrises I’ve ever seen. I’m practically blind without my contacts. The fact that I could decipher its grandeur without them in has to stand for something. And while pictures couldn’t possibly do this sight justice, here’s one nonetheless:

Sunrise at the Deserted Joshua Tree Cabin Dreams are Made of

It was particularly difficult to bid farewell to this deserted Joshua Tree cabin dreams are made of. The Dreamweaver certainly spurred thoughts of living the desert life. We’re all working from home now, anyway, right? Why couldn’t I buy property on top of a hill in the California desert and turn it into my own personal oasis?

*I believe that the charm and magic of a place lies heavily in its nature of being lesser known, therefore, I am only divulging specifics about this Glamping Hub gem at reader’s personal request. Feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to privately message you the details so that you, too, can experience the alchemy of The Dreamweaver.


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