Don’t Cry over Spilled Beer and Other Age Old Wisdom

“La borracha (drunk woman)!” Greg jokingly shouted after my locally brewed beer crashed to the floor of the Peru Rail train. The train conductor opened his door, adjacent to our front row seats to see what the commotion was, chuckling at Greg’s false accusations. The truth was I wished I were drunk instead of sick with what would become a debilitating flu shortly later. Surely, there was some sort of wisdom to be found in a morning buzz.

“La borracha!”

That morning, I had woken up ill on my fourth day in Peru of an eight-day trip. My phone with which I was taking all of my photos with died after plugging it into a faulty socket, and my barely touched Cusqueña beer that my new acquaintance had just purchased for me was seeping in to the carpet of the train.

I learned that my current travel companion had been through many of the same things I had – death of parents, a divorce, the whole nine yards! He, then, graciously offered up some of the best advice anyone has ever given me.

Life yourself by yourself,” informing me that his yoga instructor had once passed this wisdom to her yogis and that this was precisely what he had been doing since.

“Life Yourself by Yourself.”

A former real estate agent with a passion for travel, bad knees, and a disdain for President Obama (we certainly couldn’t have everything in common), Greg from Miami became a friendly face in the tourist town of Machu Picchu. If nothing else, he was a source of inspiration. If this sixty-seven year old man can do what he’s doing, I certainly can. No flu, faulty technology, spilled milk, er beer, was going to stop me. My positivity had not faltered and the Universe sent reinforcements every chance it got. Whether in the form of retired American men who swear by the benefits of yoga or their apt wisdom, and even, dare I say it, the inability to use my smart phone, I was open to it all.

Even the statues greeted me with silent wisdom
Even the statues greeted me with silent wisdom; Central Plaza in Machu Picchu Pueblo

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