Domestic or International Travel – The Art of Packing Lightly

My Lyft driver was surprised by my lack of baggage en route to Los Angeles International Airport . I had my thirty-five liter, lightweight, Coreal hiking backpack and my purse. That’s it. That’s all I needed the entire nine day trip to a South American country.

I must be honest and say I was a bit concerned. Feeling as if I wouldn’t be able to make many purchases and carry them back to the States with me, I was wrong. My method of rolling everything proved to be beneficial in space maximization. Even the local Cusco, Peruvian artist sold one of his paintings to me that rolled up neatly!

My Lyft driver wasn’t the only one to point out my light load during the course of my overseas trip. My tour guide, my friend Greg whom I met aboard Peru Rail, and a couple of other random people felt compelled to comment on their awe of my packing abilities. I’ve taken great pride in this skill and as I get ready for my long weekend in Chicago, the packing comes with ease.

Electronics go on Top

Word to the wise – if you plan on packing any sort of electronic amidst your rolled up articles of clothing, do not place said electronics at the bottom of the bag. If you insist on doing so, plan on a prolonged security check in which you will have to unpack and reroll everything on top of said electronic. I made this rookie mistake on my connecting flight to Mexico City from Los Angeles last December.

My travel straightening iron was at the very bottom of my backpack. Security being security had to assure it wasn’t a bomb. I get it. I understood. And I appreciate the thoroughness. Especially since this happened shortly after a German Shepherd herded a fellow passenger out of the security line due to whatever he sniffed suspicious.

Anyhow, rolling! That’s the way to go, folks. Happy Packing and I bid you a safe and Happy Fourth of July! Next time you hear from me, I’ll be happily exploring the third largest city in America. Much love and if I haven’t told you lately, thank you for following The Road Linds Travels!

Cotton Candy Romper Before Packing
Packing for Chicago – Halter Romper by Cotton Candy BEFORE packing
Packing Lightly for Chicago - Cotton Candy Romper AFTER rolling!
Packing for Chicago – Cotton Candy Romper AFTER rolling!


  1. ig

    August 3, 2017 at 11:30 PM

    Hi there, I read your blog regularly. Your writing style is awesome,
    keep it up!

    1. Linds

      August 4, 2017 at 9:41 AM

      Hi Tammie! Thank you so much for reaching out and for reading the Road Linds Travels! 🙂 Much appreciated. Have a beautiful weekend. -Linds

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