Bus Conversion Progress on the WOW WAGON

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As any DIY project goes, you think you’re going to do one thing and something else comes up. Pretty soon that one thing has taken back burner so many times, I’m not sure it can even fit on any burner at that point. Bus Conversions take time, especially if you want to do them right. I said from the very beginning, “The WOW WAGON is our home. Of course we’re going to do things right.”

The WOW WAGON’s exterior was sanded to get ready for its pretty new appearance but before we knew it, we were pulling up the subfloor and removing windows and then we were grinding down metal and sanding the interior. Priming and painting is still on the agenda but it just didn’t happen when we thought it would.

Mother Nature & the WOW WAGON

The weather and wind has also played a big part. The day we wanted to set up a large tent over the bus for sun protection while we primed was the day Mother Nature decided to deliver 30-40mph winds. She’ll get primed and painted one way or another. In fact, we think we’re nearing that task again but I’m not holding my breath.

WOW WAGON sanded and ready to prime and paint

Currently, sheet metal is being cut to size for our window deletes as well as the front door. Ultimately, we decided to keep the folding doors on the entrance to the bus after considering installing a residential, wooden door. We saw a great video of a couple who turned their folding doors into a simple one door that swings right. That’s the route we’re taking. The windows on the bottom half of our door are cracked, however. Instead of finding replacements, we’re just going to cover them with sheet metal and wood, which will also help to make it look a little more homey.

Bus Conversion Customizations

After this, we have a couple of customizations to make to our roof, including a skylight and a frame for our FanTastic Air Vent. We will then epoxy pennies to the holes in the floor before treating it with Por15’s metal prep, degreaser and rust preventative. This will protect from any further rust once we’ve laid our wool insulation (more on this later!), sub floor and vinyl planks. I’m still gathering samples and shopping around for the perfect vinyl flooring. I have it narrowed down to two favorites at the moment but I’m awaiting a sample I ordered from Wayfair. I’ll be sharing those soon via Instagram! It has been fun having the public weigh in on some of our interior design choices. And thank you!

Bus Conversion Interior Visual Progress

Finally, I’ve started a YouTube Channel for the WOW WAGON. I’ll be sharing more regarding this once there is content to share. It’s all a work in progress, but for now, YouTube has taken a seat at the back burner.




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